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As millennials, a private wedding theme is one of the most important things. Because the more aesthetic the theme is carried, the better the portraits will be during the reception. If you intend to hold a private wedding in Bali, here are some inspiration for bali wedding villa decoration themes that you can try.

Inspiration for private wedding decorations in bali

1. Classic Romance Wedding

Classic romance is one of those timeless themes, which never goes out of style. Even millennials often carry this theme in their weddings. This is inseparable from the formal impression given by this one theme, so as to make the wedding moment look even more sacred.

When you apply the classic romance theme, you will be stunned by a simple but amazing sight. By accentuating the white color throughout the party area, making it look elegant and romantic. To give color, the bride can bring a bouquet of pink wedding flowers.

2. Vintage Wedding

You can also apply a vintage theme at a wedding villa, where this one concept is also endless because so many people use it. Even though it is widely used, it does not mean that your wedding party is ordinary. The reason is, the vintage theme itself has a broad scope depending on what you want to highlight.

For example, you want to highlight the funky style of the 80s, or the sparkly styles of the 20s, and so on. You can even bring back the nuances when you and your new partner meet each other, or when dating. Of course this will make you reminisce during those happy and memorable times.

3. Rustic Wedding

It has a warm and elegant impression, making rustic themes also often chosen. This theme is synonymous with a mixture of white, pastel and pink colors. Coupled with floral motifs that leave a romantic impression. Do not forget the dominance of wood and vintage elements, which characterize the theme.

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4. Tropical Wedding

At the wedding villa, you can also apply a tropical theme. Generally, villa weddings have a garden or swimming pool in it, which is perfect for carrying this one theme. With the addition of a few decorations and a bright flower bouquet for the bride, the wedding ceremony will feel very cheerful and fresh.

5. Cherry Blossom Wedding

If you are a flower lover, then a cherry blossom theme can be the right choice. As the name implies, this one concept will fill the party area with cherry blossoms. The colors carried include pink, beige and white which give a romantic, elegant, and fresh impression. The use of a white dress will go well with this one theme.

You can choose the themes above according to your taste and budget. Of course you can apply it to the private villa wedding you choose, both indoors and outdoors. One of the right villa weddings to choose from is The Surga Villa Estate, which is located in Uluwatu. This villa provides an outdoor and indoor area as a wedding venue.

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